Our aim is to quickly and effectively resolve your pains and discomfort, allowing you to return to your normal life, we are able to do this by having the skills and experience that other therapist may not possess, along with not being tied to one form of treatment as conventional physiotherapists are, we adopt techniques from; physiotherapy, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and rehabilitation specialists, allowing us to provide an holistic approach to your recovery. We are also able to offer advice and support with nutrition, exercise and strength & conditioning.

Meet The Team

Oliver has been with the practice for the past four years and in that time, has developed good skills focusing on the rehabilitation of patients both from a hands-on perspective under the guidance of a very experienced practitioner along with utilising exercise interventions to aid rapid recovery and injury prevention. Oliver is being sponsored by the NHS to undertake a master’s degree in Physiotherapy and is looking to complete a PhD over the coming years.
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As part of the NHS, Oliver works as part the NHS within Physiotherapy, providing inpatient mobilisation and rehabilitation following general surgical procedures. He also provides out-patient community rehabilitation for patients that have had heart attacks and have chronic lung conditions. Oliver has been working in the fitness and rehab industry since 2000, initially employed within the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, he was largely involved in establishing the Exercise Referral scheme and Live well programs, designed to utilise exercise as a way to reduce weight and improve medical conditions. Following this Oliver completed a foundation degree at Hull in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences and then went on to complete a further degree in Sports Therapy at York, along with being a level four specialised exercise instructor.